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About Tugrul Dilhan Arslan

Tugrul Dilhan Arslan (born 12 February 1983) is a Turkish-Australian actor-model. Born in Australia city of Melbourne, he is the second of four children. He has been active for as long as he can remember, when he started to channel all the abundant random energy into something constructive. Australian Rules football, Karate, Kickboxing were Dilhan's first interests and they stuck with him through Primary and high school.  

Dilhan joined with Helene Abicare in 2001, where he successfully completed his international modeling and acting academy. During his training Dilhan was selected to model for the Melbourne Cup Fashion Parade.

Extremely friendly and well disciplined, Dilhan is an Australian based Actor and Model. He began modeling as a youth, and has gone on to work with various photographers, on numerous fashion shoots, catalogues and television commercials. After taking a number of acting courses, he has gone on to appear in numerous short films, feature films and Australian television series including “Rush”, “City Homicide", "Gallipoli” and “Winners & Losers”. Most recently he had roles in the independent Australian feature films “City of the Damned”, “Charlie Bonnet” and played the lead role of ‘Baran’ in the feature film “Dadas”, shot on location in Turkey in 2015.

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